【Deposit】 Nintendo Switch SD Gundam Battle Alliance 鋼彈激鬥同盟 Asia Eng / 中文


【Deposit】 Nintendo Switch SD Gundam Battle Alliance 鋼彈激鬥同盟 Asia Eng / 中文


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SD 鋼彈激鬥同盟


Version: STANDARD 普通版

Release: 25 AUGUST 2022

Region: R3 (ASIA/CHN)

Language: CHINESE 中文版

SD Gundam Battle Alliance

Version: Standard

Release : 25 August 2022*

Region : R3 / Asia

Language : English

In SD Gundam Battle Alliance, Mobile Suits and characters from across Mobile Suit Gundam history take center stage in this all-new action RPG.

• A Battle Alliance to Correct a False World

The story takes place in G: Universe, a world where Gundam canon twists and turns in ways no one can predict.

To correct this world's distorted history, the player leads a 3-unit squadron consisting of Mobile Suits and pilots from across Gundam history - a true Battle Alliance.

What Awaits Beyond False History...

• Combo action with stunning visuals and dynamic animation

Indulge in a wide array of Mobile Suit weaponry to crush many foes! Control Mobile Suits are portrayed with realistic weathering that showcases them as weapons of war as they tear across the battlefield with dynamic animations.

• Strange phenomena known as Breaks are twisting legendary moments from Gundam history, and you're in charge to fix them.

Experience Gundam history's most famous scenes as you develop new Mobile Suits to add to your arsenal. Gather Capital and expansion parts to transform your favorite machine into the ultimate MS.

• Tackle missions with friends in multiplayer!

Launch into battle with 2 partners to back you up. In multiplayer, you can play through the game with up to 2 other players in a 3-person team. Enjoy this new SD Gundam action RPG solo, or with friends.

详情“SD GUNDAM 激斗同盟”是有来自“机动战士高达”系列各种 MS 及角色登场,跨越各作品世界观共同演出的新型态 SD 高达动作 RPG。

• 导正虚假世界的共同战线

正确的高达故事被扭曲,展开与原作不同的虚伪故事的世界“G:宇宙”。玩家是为了修正这世界的虚假故事,而做为率领 3 机 1 小队的共同战线的小队长,与各种 MS 及驾驶员一同挑战任务。


• 以震撼的外观与生动的动作表现展开连击动作

连击动作可以运用 MS 的多种武装,体会攻击敌方机体的爽快感。

外观上以在战场活动的兵器的风化效果表现,玩家可以亲手操作展现生动动作的 MS。

• 边修正被变更为虚假故事的历史,边亲身体验著名场景


穿梭于各种“高达”的著名场景,开发并获得新的 MS。

收集资金和扩充零件,让自己最喜欢的机体成长为最强的 MS 吧。

• 玩家所面临的各种任务,可以与僚机一同共 3 架机体出击。

多人游玩时,可与其他 2 名玩家合作,3 人一起进行游戏。

1 至 3 人都能乐在其中的新型态 SD 高达动作 RPG。

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